Optimization of a network stack on the MS Windows platforms with elements of protection against DoS.

17 Июл

It was checked on Windows 2000/XP/2003 with the last SP and above. Is subject continuation about a tyyuning of a network stack of the MS Windows platforms.
I suggest to add in the register of your workstation or the server (in this case it is necessary to understand for what you do it), the following keys of the register responsible for IPv4, but they can be applied and to IPv6:



















































Once again I pay your attention that this change of parameters of the register will give the maximum effect only at established last SP for MS Windows 2000/XP/2003. For MS Windows Vista/2008 SP existence any more doesn’t play a role since these platforms already have necessary functionality of a network stack. Also I pay attention that for servers, what are locks, the parameters responsible for routing for packages, it is not necessary to change. 🙂 Besides, we do not forget to disconnect not used services and network means through use of editing of local and group security policies that will in addition strengthen protection of resources of your servers and workstations. We do not forget about protection of services, a filtration of packages and isolation of domains (subnets/analogue of NAP in Windows 2008/).

More rigid rules are available to the platforms Unix, Linux, Mac OS on a filtration of packages, but, unfortunately, the MS Windows platforms also is still far to their functionality.
Information presented in this article, is collected on resource materials Descriptions of these or those specified parameters weren’t provided by me, knowing features of protocols of TCP/IP family and so it will be clear, instead of knowing подвигнет on further studying of this field of knowledge. To study when not late, isn’t that so?

This article will be useful to a wide range of experts, both beginning, and already having some experience.

At the publication of this article on foreign resources the direct reference on the primary source is obligatory.

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