We disconnect the program of improvement of quality of MS Windows. :-)

17 Июл

You can receive more detailed information on the program of improvement of quality of MS Windows on a direct reference:

Some options:
1. This spy quite simply is disconnected, there is enough in a line of search («Start-up»–> «Search») to hammer word “program улуч” then the list of the found programs from which we choose the program of improvement of quality will be deduced, start it and we disconnect sending of reports.
2. 1) In a line of search of the Start-up menu enter the gpedit.msc team and press Enter.
2) Pass to the folder: A computer configuration-> Administrative templates-> System-> Management of communication through Internet> communication Parameters on the Internet
3) Right-click on to Disconnect the program on improvement of quality of the software of Windows and choose the Change point.
4) Establish the switch in value to Include and press the OK button.
3. We start regedit.exe and we rule a key of the register of HKLM\Registry\Machine\Software\Policies\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\CEIPEnable with 1 on 0. It is in more detail described here:



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